Artist Statement

When I was seven years old I saw a little Picasso reproduction of the most famous “Weeping Women” the one in the Tate. One morning as I walked to my primary school I looked up at the blue sky which had a few wispy white clouds hanging there. I looked up and the painting was there too. That is all it took. After that I all I wanted was to be an artist. I have learned that artists are supposed to be clever, do clever things and impress clever people. For me that isn’t what it is about and yet I work with certain theories which help me.

1) I believe that something about Plato’s true form is correct. I believe that some great painters tap into it for example the “”Weeping Women” painting previously mentioned. When I make work I try very hard to search for the true form of my idea. I believe that this is a key principle of painting.

2) I now believe after making art for many years that what I do is compounded by who I am which is to say I cannot escape the mind of a Catholic, heterosexual, transcultural, mixed-raced, male, day-dreamer.

3) I invented a uniform when I was an art student this uniform is a tool to represent myself as the other. Lately I have shed the uniform like a cocoon but it does sometimes make a reappearance.

4) I work with visions and I am sceptical of artists who knock inspiration. I believe inspiration is key to tapping into the realm of the true form. This is problematic because visions are random. I have constructed a space called the Psycho Philosophy Shop in which I place my visions.

5) Like Picasso I believe in theft. I believe it is impossible to engage with true forms without visual theft.

6) My art is therefore an intellectual exercise created for my own satisfaction. It is art for art’s sake.