Mucha inspired

Mecha lipstick becomes Mucha lipstick


Espresso Girl oil on canvas

lipstick zine

Lipsticks in the Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh

mecha lipstick shoots!

mecha lipstick shoots!


lipstick mecha weapons 1



Earlier in the year I was very pleased to exhibit with Resobox in their “Kaiju” exhibition. I found the Resobox staff extremely professional and helpful when organising this exciting show and I am so happy that I was given the chance to exhibit my paintings in a gallery dedicated to Japanese culture.


The obvious unique richness of Japanese visual culture is well documented but I think it is really interesting that this show wore transcultural lenses. My work is a case in point because I have never been to Japan but I obsess over certain threads in the countries visual culture. The mutated colours, textures and sheer variety of forms have made the kaiju world one of those obsessions. Every night without fail I explore it enthralled in a toy-hunting frenzy. I feel an exotic relief when Yamomark brings out a new sculpt or Butanohana opens a new textural possibility in my brain. And yet kaiju is deeper than artistic play; below is my attempt to scratch a little deeper.

The light has been brighter lately in the Psycho Philosophy Shop. Sunlight can touch the most decayed minds, illuminating broken squeals. Kaiju seems to be the perfect example of the power of another’s dream. A dream (even the most happy one) is filled with the danger of exposure to the hidden depths of the id. Kaiju their unbound oddness of form, power and beauty solidify not just the aesthetics of the dream but also the paranoia that if the wind changes direction destruction will ensue. They are in a way a symbol of the id or perhaps each one is an emblem for it. In the Psycho Philosophy Shop soft vinyl figurines can be found lying on sheet music or commonly wrapped in fresh fleece to help keep it in mint condition. Kaiju cosplay costumes are modelled by the staff. And yes the shop is brighter these days but the wind may yet change.

I am moved by Kaiju and I am so thankful I was given the chance to express that love on the walls of Resobox.kaiju show

paintings are objects not jpegs

paintings are objects not jpegs

photograph by Gemma Grant

“Shop floor” paper, glue and assemblage             photograph by Gemma Grant

work in progress

work in progress

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